Dr. Bodour Abou Salem

Dr. Bodour Abou Salem
Degrees Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Doctor,Master’s in Clinical Endocrinology - UK
Areas of Expertise Endocrinology Diabetes Thyroid gland hormonal disorders
Language(s) English / Arabic



Dr. Bodour had graduated from the University of Kalamoon Syria in 2011 and had attained her Masters Degree in clinical endocrinology from prestigious Queen Mary University, UK. She is an expert in Endocrinology and have a large patient base in Kuwait who await for her treatment.

Education + Trainings

Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Doctor

Master’s in Clinical Endocrinology - UK

Scope of Service

Comprehensive Diabetes care with the latest evidence based medications

Diabetes care for type 1 (Modern Insulin)

Diabetes care for type 2 diabetes

Treatment of obesity associated with diabetes

Diabetes care of pregnant diabetic Ladies

Diabetes Education programs

Endocrine glands and hormonal Disorders

Thyroid gland hormonal disorders ( hyperthyroid & Hypothyroid & Nodules &cancer)

Thyroid gland disorders during pregnancy

Parathyroid gland hormonal disorders and problems related to calcium

Female sex hormonal disorders

Treatment of Polycystic ovaries & Menstrual irregularities

Treatment of hirsutism (Excessive Face Hair In females)

Treatment of hyperandrogenemia in female (increase male hormones in females)

Treatment of gynecomastia ( Enlarged Male Breast)

Treatment of male hypogonadism (Decrease male sex hormones)

Treatment of problems related to puberty

Treatment of hyperprolactinemia

Pituitary gland hormonal disorders and tumors

Adrenal glands disorders and problems related to cortisone

Treatment of hypertension due to hormonal disorders

Treatment of lipid disorders

Treatment of osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency

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