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To serve you in a timely way, most of our clinics will schedule a time for you to see your doctor. Please arrive at the clinic fifteen minutes prior to the appointed time so you can complete forms for your doctor. Please bring valid personal identification (CIVIL ID, PASSPORT) with you, your insurance card, cash or credit card.

Please note: if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we may not be able to accommodate you.


Go to the HMC Hawally, to the reception area of the clinic and the receptionist will reserve you a time.


Call HMC at HOTLINE (+965)-2220-8880 and ask the operator to transfer you to extension of the booking center.

VIA Mobile Application: Android & IOs

Open our mobile application and visit the appointment page.

VIA Website

Click ‘make an appointment’ button and visit the appointment page.

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